our Belief

At Life Church, we exist to lead the people of the Valley to be more like Jesus. And we take this seriously. Because we believe that Jesus is the one who transforms lives, we want to be like Him.

we exist to lead the people of the Valley to be more like Jesus



We strive to be Biblically Truthful in all we do. From our actions to our ministries, we look to the Bible first!

Check out the 16 Fundamentals of Truth.


Intentional love

Jesus called us to love everyone. Being Biblically Truthful, we Intentionally Love those around us.



Intentionally Loving Others requires being Radically Generous. We show this through our time, treasure, and talents. 



Baptism is the public demonstration by an individual acknowledging that they have been saved by grace through their faith in Jesus. This is depicted by being dunked underwater symbolizing the death, burial and resurrection in Jesus (Romans 4:9-12Romans 6:3-4). For information on infant and child dedication, look out for the next event on our kids page. 


Communion is a symbolic meal, eaten with others, to remember Jesus and what He has accomplished for us on the cross (Matthew 26:26-28Luke 22:19-20). Bread and juice are provided before service every 2nd Sunday of the month (unless the schedule changes).