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join us this easter

We would love to see you this Easter season when we begin our Easter Series - Created New - on Sunday, March 26th. This series continues through Easter Sunday, April 9th. 

We have 3 service times available, as well as the option of watching online.

  • 9:30 AM

  • 11:00 AM

  • 1:00 PM (Español Service)

Read on to learn more about our Easter series.


new faith


 “These three remain, faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love!” Our series begins March 26 with the story of two lives deeply transformed by an encounter with Jesus, one a religious man and the other an outcast woman. What does it take for Jesus to notice them? We actually find the answer in the the words written much later by another author - that word is FAITH. Discovering faith that gets the attention of Jesus, we will also hear from someone whose life was wracked by addiction until one night, in his mid-50’s, when Jesus noticed him.


new hope

Hope seems to be in scare supply. What would it be if God actually saw our anxious lives and responded by giving us hope? We know that God has actually done this! Jesus, the Son of God, the healer, the compassionate one, the King of kings, gave himself for us. No matter what we have done. No anxiety of ours is beyond the hope that Jesus brings to a redeemed life. What was the cost of that hope? This week we discover the value of Jesus’ life through the eyes of those that have been transformed - some from the misfit disciples of Jesus and a single mom from here in the Salt Lake Valley.



new love


"The stone is rolled away. Jesus is risen!" This refrain leapt from the lips of some of Jesus’ followers and the refrain still echoes to us today. This event is not just about what happened ‘back then’ - the reality is that when the stone rolled away from that tomb in a garden in Jerusalem that began a chain reaction that actually has revealed the love of God across time to our day. Because Jesus rose from the dead, we experience the new life he won for us by defeating sin, death, and the grave. Easter Sunday at Life Church Utah will help us see the love of God through new life - a former gang member shares his story along with the lives that Jesus created new in the Bible. Can’t wait to see you on Easter Sunday!



Are you new to your faith, or looking for more ways to get connected to Life Church Utah? We have multiple ways to get involved and would love to hear from you!

This is an important step as a Christian. Our next Water Baptism is Sunday, April 30th. 

We look forward to supporting you in this journey!

Midweek classes are designed to be Biblically Truthful, a time to make friends and to learn more about God. New classes starting April 5th!

LifeGroups are the place where Life Church Utah connects!

It is here that we live out our values and grow to be more like Jesus through being Biblically Truthful by studying the Bible.

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